Evolving Spaces


NOVAWALL® is the clear cut favorite for site fabricated, acoustical stretched fabric panels for wall and ceiling installations. The system was designed to provide an acoustical solution to the varied environments of modern design. Our patented track system molds and adapts to almost any environment ensuring a clean and meticulous finish.

The face fabric on each Novawall® panel can be replaced or adjusted in a matter of minutes without disturbing or removing the panel from the underlying substrate.

Now NOVAWALL offers a completely PVC Free, Class A, 100% recyclable plastic extrusion: NOVAWALL EcoTRACK®.

NOVAWALL Systems, Inc. has added EcoTRACK® to their line of products to expand the choices available to the design community and specifiers.

Novawall system has the following components..

1) Novawall tracks- Made of Extruded Polymer. There are different types of tracks for different design requirement and function.

2) Core Material- Glass wool etc, depending upon the required NRC (noise reducing coefficient).

3) Fabric- Any certified acoustic transparent fabric.

Bring life to uninspired walls with NOVAWALL’s® broad palette of track styles and virtually infinite combinations of fabrics, colors, patterns, textures, custom graphics, acoustic, and tackable cores.